Who Lies in the Darkness Waiting

The sad soldier standing ready on the chessboard...

7 min
Jul 27

I need not sleep, nor hunger, nor fear, nor bleed.
I need not wait, nor blunder, nor hide, nor feed.
I have no coat, no burden, no dust or ivy,
Motionless am I, the statues envy.

A frozen smile hangs forever, on this shadows shadow.
Whistling a tune so quiet, so sad and so slow.
I am always ready, always fixed, always pointed,
I am the voice you cannot hear, broken, disjointed

I am the soldier standing ready, on the chessboard.
I am the weary scholar who has seen it all before.
I am the lack of courage when you dare not dare.
I am the high chinned lord who simply doesn’t care.

I am time, and moments, and tears and midnight,
I am the gold, the dawn, the stars and moonlight.
The waiting you see, that’s the truth i seek.
The waiting, missing nothing, seeming meek.
For a moment when you are not aware,
For a time when your attention slips a hair.

Then I am fury.
Then I am your hearts blood gone thick,
Then I am the epitome of motion, icy quick.

Do not begin to flirt with hopes affair,
For I am me, always me, despair.