America, You Beautiful Bitch

She birthed me and will kill me, I'm sure of it...

Jul 27

She’s a million billion cubic tons of habits,
She’s 350 million strong with human rabbits.
She’s populated, copulated, and hot desert faded,
She’s creationist and anti-science and carbon dated.

The Country that birthed me and cursed me
The system that just isn’t justice
Is blind and stuck. It just is.
The half legal rebellion that I first see
When I think about freedom, when I think about free.

Where a million votes count for nothing
Leaves me nitrous high like crazy pills
Leaves me heartbroken on apple pie window sills.
Makes my blood boil into boredoms sweet singing
Liberty bells silent on Facebook feeds endlessly ringing

Today we tear it all down
It’s finally the day, this minute this hour. This town.
We put down our flags and pick up our hearts.
We run with our bloody hands in fits and starts.
Let’s find out what freedom is without phones
A harsh bitter flavor of burnt microphones.

We yearn you and me,
We burn you and me.
Soul deep in our sharp minds is a hot need for change
Fanned by fiery flags atop scorching mountains, strange.

One person with great ideas is just one.
Now the real challenge. Now the real fun.
Non-digital real physical tangible action.

Our deep need to scratch finally has an itch.
America you beautiful diseased bitch.
We must no longer be a simple region.
We must flame. We must burn. We are legion.