We All Have This

No, We all have this

12 min
Jul 27

You have never felt more alone in a crowd,
You have never seen so much quiet in so much loud.
You see it in every medication,
you believe you are fixed now, your benediction.

Follow the dark, or your instincts in pain,
burn bright or see a hungry shadow again.
You’re higher than you’ve ever seen.
So Clear. You don’t even know what you mean.

You move forward in spurts and spatters,
produce passion’s poison, like it matters.

We all cry, we all fall down,
we all die, we all hear the final sound.

We are burdened by our dull and private rage,
singing bitter, banged, and broken to our empty cage,
Yet there is a honest harmful truth to see,
gasping borrowed air that sets us free.

Through the tears you’ll see madness,
There is a sameness in our sadness.

We all have this,


We all have this.