Far Away From Here

and further still...

Jul 27

Far away from here,
eyes fixed on faces that blur together,
so warm in a dark room so I imagine
burning with delight in the lack of light
So I imagine.

Far away from here
hands clasped with the horizon,
turning in slow-motion smiling
with a grin that never touches eyes
So I imagine.

Far away from here
ripping sheets and flinging memories
tasting of beer and a hint of smoke
set to a low burn and low breathing
So I imagine.

Far away from here
imagination turns to flesh and pulls
everyone else back into a hot embrace
the whole world is pressing it’s forehead to yours
so i imagine

Dreaming of a gray coffee afternoon
hoping for this thread to snap and give
These eyes will stop pulsing pictures
in unwanted waves when finally,
I am far away from here.
So I imagine…